Maintenance Services

YCI has a professional maintenance team we provide onsite maintenance to all the clients wherever required, we reach where sun cannot reach, we make maintenance of industrial machineries and equipment, we make maintenance of building and apartments, we make maintenance of water or electric network, we make maintenance of commercial or personal vehicles, we make maintenance of home appliances.
The high caliber manpower recruited to meet our own requirements is now available to clients through our Manpower Contracting Service. Through our efficient personnel administration, we ensure that the individuals we place are qualified and reliable, carefully screened, trained and tested, to work in diverse work environments. YCI can provide a range of expertise from highly skilled technicians to laborer’s who are guaranteed to get the job done well and on time. YCI’s maintenance services ensure the smooth running of your operation and equipment whether you are in town or at remote location. You can be confident that YCI will provide a comprehensive range of material and support for everything from door locks and air-conditioning to refrigeration systems and general building repairs.

•Inspect overhead service lines, mast, masthead, and drip loops
•Inspect electrical panels for condition and safety
•Inspect AFCI and GFCI circuits and outlets for correct operation
•Test receptacles/outlets for functionality and safety
•Provide written evaluation and repair estimate, if necessary

•Flush water heater and test pressure relief valve
•Inspect shut-off valves and hose connections at sinks, toilets, laundry equipment, and main water line
•Inspect plumbing fixtures for leaks, damage and functionality
•Inspect toilets for stability and leaks, adjust if necessary
•Inspect fuel storage tank and exposed fuel lines for leaks
•Inspect and adjust garbage disposals, if needed
•Inspect and fill basement floor drains, if present
•Inspect water heater for functionality, age, strapping, drip pan, etc.
•Provide written evaluation and repair estimate, if necessary

•Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors/alarms and replace batteries if needed
•Inspect fire extinguisher(s)
•Inspect outside security lighting
•Inspect fire sprinkler system, if present
•Inspect stairs, railings and handrails for type and stability
•Provide written evaluation and repair estimate, if necessary

•Power wash driveway and walkways
•Inspect for cracks, deterioration, and damage
•Inspect stairs and handrails for condition and safety
•Inspect fences and gates for ease of operation, and condition of structure and materials
•Provide written evaluation with repair estimate, if necessary Heating & cooling system
•Replace system filters (filters included)
•Inspect and service heating and cooling systems (needed parts and coolant extra)
•Record make, model & serial numbers
•Date of manufacture
•Check for any recalls

•General Bed Maintenance/Detailing
•This service includes weeding, ground-cover trimming/controlling, debris removal, removal of spent blooms, monitoring and removal of browning leaves and branches. This is a must-have service because it ensures your yard maintains its curb appeal throughout the year.
•Spring/Fall Clean-Up
•A more in-depth cleaning which includes everything in general bed maintenance and the addition of perennial and grass dividing, bed edging, mulch raking, and seasonal perennial trim down. These services are like “deep-cleaning” of the landscape one to three times per year.
•Pruning and hedging at the correct time of year for each type of plant are paramount to plant health and bloom performance. By hiring a professional, you have plants pruned at the optimum time for their species. (Hydrangea are a perfect example of a plant that should be maintained by professionals or avid gardeners.) Pruning is done to maintain shape or size, remove spent blooms, remove dead/diseased limbs, and to promote growth. Hedging is typically shaping plants into geometric forms. Both are important to the landscape.
•Landscape Plant Protect and Feed (Also known as Plant Health Care: PHC)
•Plants feed from the nutrients in the soil. Some plants are what we call “heavy feeders”. This means they pull a lot of nutrients out of the soil. Boxwood are “heavy feeders”. Proactively adding a plant feed/protect program to your landscape plan, you’ll receive feedings specific to your plants and soil. You’ll also receive disease and pest prevention for the common issues to prevent them from happening. This can include black-spot, other forms of mildew, bag-worms, aphids, etc. This is dependent upon your service package, but is important for thriving plants.
•Lawn Protect and Feed
•Lawn chemical programs both feed the turf and protect against a plethora of pests and diseases such as grubs, brown-patch, and several fungal issues. Most programs are a 5 to 7 step program that are applied at the ideal time of year for your turf. Weather patterns and irrigation affect turf, so those things must be considered in conjunction with your turf program. Additional applications are sometimes needed during super-wet years to control moisture related issues.
•Irrigation System Start-Up/Shut-Down
•Irrigation start-up and shut-down are included in most maintenance contracts. Although everyone starts up their irrigation system in the spring (when they have one,) not everyone has their system winterized. By not having the water blown out of the lines, the water can freeze and expand during cold temperatures causing damage to their system. The damage is often more expensive than just maintaining the system and having it winterized properly. Some contracts also include a monthly check-in for optimum usage/water efficiency. High Prairie’s contracts do include this pro-active step. By monitoring, we can adjust for optimum plant health and observe any repairs that may need done.
•Seasonal Display
•Seasonal display can include annual flowers for spring, summer, and fall. It can also include holiday greens and holiday lighting. These services add an extra layer of impact to landscapes and an excitement for the season changes.
•Mulching is typically done once or twice a year depending upon the contract. Although many consider mulch visually pleasing, mulch has several horticultural benefits: root insulation, weed minimization, and water retention.
•Leaf Removal
•Leaf removal can be customized on most contracts to mirror a client’s expectations of quantity of visits. Some clients only want one or two a year. Those clients will have leaf build-up between visits since their provider only comes twice. Some clients prefer up to seven removals a season so that their property stays fairly clean all fall. This option is fully customizable.
•Lawn Mowing
•On average, most mowing contracts range from 28-32 mows in the mid-west. Mowing prices often include the string-trimming, edging, and blow-off of hard surfaces.
•Keep in mind, not all landscaping services are going to offer all these services. You have to take the time to find a company that provides the services that are most important to you. This will ensure you achieve the desired results for your landscape

YCI has a professional expert team to conduct pest control in industrial plant, commercial office, buildings, villas & apartments, we have modern equipment and professional team to carry out the pest control to give utmost satisfaction to our client.
If you have a bug or rodent problem, any of the best pest control services should be able to help you fix it. What's more, most of these pest removal companies will advise you on how to keep the critters away from your property and can even set you up with a long-term plan if you regularly have issues. While none are going to be cheap fixes, they will offer good customer service to reassure you about fixing the issue and, especially if your pest is dangerous or invasive, they will often be able to get to your home very quickly.
When you first contact any of the best pest control services they will give you an approximate quote for the work you need, or send an operative out to your property  to assess what you might need. The cost of the work really will vary depending on what you need, and if the problem isn't urgent, we advise you to get a selection of quotes before committing to one. If you're having repeat work, this can really add up, so you don't want to get stuck with an expensive, unreliable service.
If you are in a bind, many pest control services will have extensive charts on their websites, detailing what kind of animals they deal with, so you can identify the problem (if you're unsure) and act accordingly. They will often assess both the interior and exterior of your property, to identify not only the problem, but how the wildlife is getting into your home or business.
We've selected the best pest control services available in most states, but there are many local providers that we simply haven't had the opportunity to assess. When it comes to pest control, looking at user and customer reviews is important, as they will give you a good idea of how effective the operator is in your specific county or state. If your problem is less about animals and more about spores, we have a guide to the best mold test kits. We also have a list of the best landscaping software packages, if you need to redesign your outdoor space to keep the critters out.