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1 – To provide an overview of YSS Company’s Establishment, Mission, Vision & Values.

2 – To describe the Selection & Recruitment Standards for YSS Security Guards.

3 – To visualize the Training Strategy at YSS

4 -To demonstrate the Operational Approach.

5 -To offer the Core Services.

6 – To present YSS Service Quality Strategy.

7 – To present our Alliances, Clients and Testimonials.


The main objective of YSS is to provide cost effective quality focused services that accommodate the needs of our clients, continuously striving to exceed client’s expectation in all business aspects.





•YEMEN for Security Services (YSS) is part of YCI Group.


•YSS specializes in providing Security Services.


•Director, Mr. A. Jalil ALHEMYARI has over 25 years experience in the Business Industry. Teamed with fully trained, qualified, competent & experienced Security professionals. They form a complete Security business.


•YSS is the first provider of Maritime Security Services in Yemen. It started providing such services in April 2007.


•YSS HAS ACCOMPLISHED over 300 Maritime Missions up to now.


•YSS is preparing to lead the way in planning and implementing Proactive Security Measures that not only ensure safety and security, but make life easier and work environment safer.


•We believe that the success of our business as a Security Services Provider is due to our unprecedented priority to prompt and efficient Customer Service.


•YSS provides a full range of security services to cater to every need and aspect of security.


•YSS not only provide security but offer the complete service of teaching it as well.


•YSS as a company believe that security and safety is a responsibility of all, damage to/loss of life or properties or against piracy.


•YSS Security is fully licensed for the use of military weapons with the support of the Yemeni Government and alliance with YCI Group.


•The Company has been registered both in Yemen & Singapore & complying with legal standards so as to stand firm as a separate legal entity..


With the pool of our International resources, our team comprises of highly trained ex-military/police personnel from Yemen & all around the world providing security now under one banner, YSS Security.


•YSS Security is a diversified company that conducts security risk & threat assessment, maritime security, land security, training courses and much more.


•Our main company, YCI Support & Services International, has a wide range of experience with interests in the field of security Services, consulting manpower, catering and support services – both locally & Internationally.


•Since its inception, the Company has grown rapidly offering comprehensive solutions for all security issues.


•We have indeed made it our priority to maintain high standards while being able to provide affordable rates for rendered services.


•YSS Security constantly carries out improvements to its company policies and procedures to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving industry.


•We pride ourselves in our ability to provide top notch security services and to promote a safe and secure working environment.


•Here at YSS Security, we use our international experience to provide you with services of global standards.


•YSS Security continues to improve all its company policies and procedures to enhance and promote good service for client’s satisfaction.


•We guarantee you the best price rates available in the market for an experience security team.





We are a license company authorized to conduct maritime security with the support of the Yemen Coast Guard (YCG) based in Yemen. RV Points located in Yemen are from Salif, Hodeidah, Aden and Nishtun.


Company Name : Yemen-Singapore Security Services


Contact Person : Waleed AL-HIMYARI


E-Mail Address :


Mobile No : +967 711150799


Legal Registration No : 3 / 23046


Place of Legal Registration : Republic of Yemen


Head Office Address : Al-Surmi St. – Haddah, Sana’a – Yemen


Legal Registration No : 201135113D


Place of Legal Registration : Republic of Singapore


Office Address : 171 Chin Swee Road, #06-06 San Centre, Singapore 169877


Telephone No : +967 1 432183 – 06 / 330259


Fax No : +967 1 410148


P.O. Box: 16612


E-mail Address :


Websites :

Mission Statement


The fundamental mission of YSS is to protect the life and properties of the clients. We serve to promote a safe and secure working environment. We look forward to the future with great confidence, hoping to garner new clients and building our portfolio of security partners.


Vision & Values


“To be distinguished and identified as the first and eminent security services provider in Yemen and then internationally and to continuously exceed our customers’ increasing expectations.”


– Professionalism


– Integrity


– Respect


– Loyalty


– Innovation & Creativity

YSS’s Management Team


A key to the growth of any business is the quality and experience of its senior executives. These highly regarded professionals bring their broad base of corporate experience to YSS, supporting the Managing Director, steering our growth and providing outstanding leadership to our 2,500 plus strong workforce.


YSS’s top-quality people,
enhanced with quality training and Standard Operations Procedures confirm providing Outstanding and Professional Security Services.


YSS Qualifications


  1. Competent Management (local & International experts)
  2. Effective Security Strategies and Policies.
  3. Adherence to Int’l, Local, and Client’s Security Standards.
  4. Better Selected, Trained and Security Cleared Guards.
  5. Motivated/ Satisfied Guards.
  6. Close Liaison with the Local Law Enforcement Agencies.
  7. Reliable Operations Control Center.
  8. Quick Armed Response Force.
  9. Quality Equipment and Weapons.
  10. Prompt & positive response on the complaints of Clients round the clock.
  11. International Consultations and alliances.


Our Team


A cohort of experienced operatives that have worked on several security deployments, our team comprises of professional ex-military /police nationalities from Yemen & all over the world namely from UK, Australia, Philippine, Sri Lanka and Singapore.


We are fully conversant with local & international laws and adhere to strict rules of engagement (ROE) designed to provide maximum protection for all our clients.


YSS Staff


Our greatest asset is our people. Without their loyalty, dedication and integrity, we would be unable to provide the quality of care and attention for which we are known.


Our Focus of attention on personnel has resulted in the attraction of the highest caliber of new recruits, many long standing associations and an unusually low turnover of employees.


We have an excellent record of internal promotion, which provides continuity and a thorough understanding of our work and principles which management can pass on to new staff through comprehensive induction and training programs.


Our senior management team, all of whom have a working understanding of the needs and demands of our business, frequently visit our field operations and are personally involved in all aspects of our service.


With such care and dedication, you can rest assured that YCI are the right people to look after your people.

YSS Selection and Recruitment Process


Employment Process:


  1. Submitting of the application documents to YSS upon announcing vacancies.
  2. Screening of the applicants’ documents.
  3. Selecting those who meet the application standards.
  4. Contacting the selected ones to attend at YSS for further process.
  5. Initial Interview. (to check the Psychological aspect.)
  6. Physical fitness test.
  7. Vehicles handling and driving test.
  8. Weapons handling and shooting test.
  9. Final Interview.
  10. Providing these documents:
  11. Criminal Record Certification.
  12. Medical Certification.
  13. Commercial Guarantee.
  14. Agreement contract.
  15. Handing over the Security Guard Gear.
  16. Induction & Basic Training.
  17. Deployment.


Application Standards:


A. Age: Between 25 To 30 years.


B. Height: from 160 cm and above.


C. General Appearance: Physically fit, mentally alert and smartly turned out.


D. Educational/Qualification: High School or equivalent education (Minimum)


E. Driving: should have a driving permit with at least 03 years of driving experience.


F. Medical Category: Cleared as per the standards of Yemen Health Laws.


G. Experience: Should have at least 05 years of previous experience in security related fields.


H. Proficient in self-defense & weapon handling: well conversant with sentry, anti terrorist duties, anti piracy, maritime, familiar with fire fighting procedures, capable of handling electronics gadgets, such as CCTV, hand held metal detector, vehicle inspection mirror trolley and fully trained in radio communication.


I. Security Background Check: YSS conducts security background checks and ensures they have no criminal records or improper behavior cases.


J. Attitude: Honest, precise, exact, detailed and factual, Alert and observant , Impartial and objective, Accommodating and responsive, Sincere, Loyal ,Hard-working , Disciplined, Even tempered, self-confident, Dedicated, Results-oriented, Open-minded, Courageous, Teamwork player, Analyst, Quick-responded, Active and Decisive.


K. Skills: Language Proficiency Skills, Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Driving Skills, Weapon Handling Skills, fast learner, Problem-solving Skills and Decisive.

YSS Training & Development


We conduct valuable courses that enhance the knowledge of all with aspects of Security, Safety and Piracy in cooperation with APOLAKE Security Training Services in Philippines. Therefore, our guards get training locally and Abroad.


The Anti-Piracy Course that is conducted is set around topics that imparts knowledge on the individual for his/her role in case the situation of piracy arises, not only that, it teaches also that individual the deterrent measures to prevent such an occurrence.


The Crew Security Training which is conducted in accordance with the International Ship and Port facility Security (ISPS) regulations topped off by the enlightenment of crew/staff of the ISPS Code.




Training details the performance standards related to security and response training, exercises, and drills. By performing proper security training, exercises, and drills, a facility enables its personnel to be better able to identify and respond to suspicious acts by insiders or intruders. Well-trained personnel who practice how to react will be more effective at detecting and delaying intruders and provide increased measures of deterrence against unauthorized acts.


YSS Training & Development Strategy depends on two elements in designing & delivering Training Courses.


1- Security Risk and Threat Assessment.


2- Training Needs Analysis.


Our Security Measures and Considerations for Training


a. Training – Hands-on activities, seminars, orientations, workshops, interactive programs, briefings, and lectures that focus on relevant security-related issues for the facility.


b. Exercises – A predefined and documented set of scheduled activities that represent a realistic rehearsal or simulation of an emergency to promote preparedness; improve the response capability of individuals; and validate plans, policies, and procedures. Examples include tabletop exercises, functional exercises, and full-scale exercises.


c. Drills – Drills are a subset or type of exercise focused on a single specific operation or function. Drills can be used to provide training with new equipment, develop new policies or procedures, or practice and maintain current skills.


d. Tests – Testing is the technique of demonstrating the correct operation of all equipment, procedures, processes, and systems that support the security infrastructure. Tests could be static tests, dynamic tests, or functional tests.


e. Joint Initiatives – Joint initiatives are training, exercises, or drills that involve the participation of organizations or entities outside of the facility, such as law enforcement or first responders, in conjunction with facility personnel.


Tailoring Training for Client’s Staff


To maximize the benefit of a security awareness and training programs, we may tailor training topics to a facility specific classes of client’s employees, as not all facility employees need the same level of training.


For example, detailed training on security procedures, the operating of security equipment, security response protocols, and security laws and regulations may not be worthwhile for employees who do not have specific security responsibilities.


Conversely, certain training topics, such as incident identification and notification, are beneficial for the entire facility workforce.


Operational Approach


At YSS, we understand that our clients have ever-changing needs in today’s fast-paced environment.


Therefore, Our professionals combine a flexible, proactive management approach to meet the daily needs of our clients and any emergency situations.


At YSS, we have supported this approach with processes and programs, that allow our strategy to become a reality.


Therefore, our Operations are supported by:




Fully equipped which will work together with your operations in order to provide a 24/7 security protection monitoring, so that you can carry on with your daily business in a safe manner.




All emergencies are responded to immediately by way of internal and/or external Quick Armed Response Force.




-Regular meetings are held between clients and management.


-Regular meetings are held between Security Staff and management to obtain security updates and to ensure conformance to required standards.




(a) Local law enforcement agencies


(b) Ambulance and hospitals


(c) Repair services


(d) Own headquarters


(e) Designated superiors


Emergency Preparedness


Our SOP is based on international best practices but it is adapted locally to take into account specific site-related conditions and requirements. Moreover, one of its sections provides quick-reference, action-oriented guidelines and checklists to accelerate the decision-making process and control to minimize the risk of oversight or at any unexpected emergency. It is structured as follows:


1. Emergency response organization


2. Alert notification chart


3. Functions, duties and responsibilities of the engaged parties


4. Control of access to the premises


5. Specific emergency procedures (26 scenarios)


6. Emergency communications plan


7. Internal and external emergency resources


8. Floor plans and layouts


9. Quick Response Force duties


YSS Services


Risk Assessment


  1. Security Risk Assessment
  2. Ship Advisory Services
  3. Professional Assessment
  4. Personnel Security Plans & Policies
  5. Loss Prevention


Land security


  1. Escort
  2. VIP Protection
  3. Personnel Security
  4. Event Security
  5. Mobile & Static Guards
  6. Mobile Patrols
  7. Facilities & Asset Security Systems


Physical Protection


  • Access Control
  • Security Guards (Men & Women)
  • Armed Security guards
  • Unarmed Security guards
  • Security Supervisors Coordinators
  • Static / Observation Post Guards
  • Mobile escorts for 24 hours
  • CCTV Supervisors
  • Body Guards
  • Searchers, Inspectors / Receptionists
  • Mobile patrols (Open / deterrent)
  • Trained Professional Drivers
  • Security awareness Programs for clients employees


Executive Protection


  • Mobile Escort ( Discreet )
  • Security Assessment, Plan and Execution


Safety Equipment and Systems


  • All types & Kinds of Safety Equipment & Systems




  • Technical support
  • We have experienced & highly qualified Engineering team
  • All other Tactical & Logistical support from our Operations Control Center




  1. Residential and Community Guarding
  2. Industrial Guarding
  3. Corporate and Commercial Guarding
  4. Special Event


Specialized Services


  1. Security Escort Services
  2. Close Protection / Body Guarding
  3. Vehicle Tracking & Recovery
  4. Armed Reaction
  5. Training
  6. Security Consulting
  7. Maritime Security
  8. Guarding


Technical Services


  1. Communications
  2. CCTVs
  3. Safety Equipment and Systems (Intrusion Detection Systems, Lighting System, Fire Alarm Systems, ..etc)




  1. Armed Security Team
  2. Unarmed Security Team
  3. Sea Marshall
  4. Vessel Hardening
  5. Ship to Ship / Land Transfers
  6. Barbour Security (Pier/ Anchorage)


Armed Security Team (Maritime)


Deployment of fully trained and specialized security team fully armed with the proper knowledge, experience and equipment onto vessels for the protection of life or/and property of our valued client. Our Teams are versatile, trained to do ship to ship transfers as well as ship to land or vice versa.


Passive & Active Deterrence (Vessel Hardening)


With the deployment of our Armed Security Team to the vessel they will conduct a thorough vessel hardening (fortification of the vessel to enhance its defenses against attacks), if otherwise, this service still is offered for clients who choose only to harden the vessel without the Armed Security Team. As such our Security Team will be sent to solely harden the vessel and brief the crew of its uses and abilities.


It is our great privilege and honor to provide a full insight of the maritime security services that Yemen-Singapore Security has to offer.


  1. We are registered in both Yemen and Singapore.
  2. We are a license company authorized for the use of military weapons to conduct maritime security from the Ministry Of Interior, Yemen.
  3. We have formal agreements with the Yemeni & Sri Lankan Government and support of the respective Navy to conduct maritime security operations.
  4. YSS Security conducts operations in various RV Points within Yemen and International.
  5. Our 24/7 Operation Centre is based in Sana’a, Yemen and will monitor all operation running out at sea. Daily reports will be e-mailed to shipping companies on their progress.
  6. Our security team comprises of professional ex-military nationalities namely from UK, Australia, Singapore and Philippines.




  1. ISPS Code Course
  2. Hostile Environment Awareness
  3. Staff Security Training
  4. Anti-Piracy
  5. Crew Security Training
  6. ASTS Commercial Counter Piracy
  7. Security awareness programs for Client’s employees




  • Security management
  • Crisis management and planning
  • Security risk assessments and plans
  • Intelligence function
  • Mentoring and coaching services


YSS has two Expats Security Experts for such services:


  1. Mr. Dennis WEIR (Operations Director at ASK International – UAE)
  2. Mr. Matthew MACLEAR (Training specialist – Australia)



YSS strives to ensure the quality of its services through implementing its Quality Control Policy and the analysis of:


  • 24/7 Monitoring System
  • Daily Supervisors Reports
  • Service Quality Inspectors Reports
  • Performance Evaluation and Disciplinary Reports of the Security Guards
  • Client Complaint


We deliver quality security services and innovative solutions, consistent with our customers’ expectations. We measure our success through the constant monitoring and continuous improvement of our Business Management System and the measurement of customer satisfaction.


In case of any shortcomings, YSS Senior Management is going to take it seriously and take an action immediately and then provide the client with the actions being taken.


However, we confirm to our valuable clients that our Quality Assurance Procedures are mandatory for us and DEVIATIONS ARE NOT GOING TO BE THERE.


Some of our valuable clients in Land Security


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Some of our valuable Alliances


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YSS Commitment


YSS commits to provide such premium security services, because it is not a low-rate or high-volume Company.


YSS is unique in its striving to obtain only the very best agnate, which reflects the company’s total commitment to ensure the quality of its services.


Client satisfaction is the goal of everyone at YSS at all times.

Why choose YSS?


YSS is the security standards company that helps organizations all over the world make excellence a habit.


For more than a decade, we have been challenging mediocrity and complacency to help embed excellence into the way people and products work. That means working with businesses on how to improve performance, reduce risk and achieve sustainable growth.


Our clients choose us:


  1. For our unique client management structure,
  2. For our expertise,
  3. For our integrity & professionalism,
  4. Because we are performance minded,
  5. For our expert assessors.


Our reputation for excellence and quality service gives us a status few security companies can match.