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Narena Catering and Management

Our Mission and Vision

Provide reliable long term service in catering services and improve the quality of life of all our customers.

Narena Food to be the long term strategic partner to all our clients and provide solutions that are tailor-made to satisfy their needs and requirements.


Brief Overview

Voted recently as one of the top catering companies in Saudi Arabia, Narena Catering has built an outstanding reputation in a brief span of time, as one of the regions’ leading corporate and event caterers. As a part of the lifestyle and technology conglomerate, Narena Group, the success of Narena Catering is backed by the expertise of its strong staff, including International Chefs and resident nutritionists, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and strict adherence to health and safety rules. With a Head Office based in Al Khobar, we offer our services to a variety of high-end clients and social affairs, including food services for employees in camps, factories, hospitals etc. Blending our team’s vast experience with superior technology, the freshest of ingredients and innovative ideas, we work with you to create the finest gourmet experience that is guaranteed to impress any palate. • Social Events • Corporate Events • Weddings



Values & Ethical Principles

– Consistency
– Team Spirit
– Multi-Cultural Environment
– High level of Professionalism
– Innovation and Highest Standards

Ethical Principles:
– Loyalty
– Respect for People
– Preservation of the Environment
– Business Integrity


Our Services

•Industrial Catering
•Facilities Management
•Food Processing & Retailing
•Hospitals Food services
•Hotel setup and food and beverages provision


Industrial Catering

Since its inception, the company has dedicated its efforts and resources to providing industrial catering and life support services to various sectors and a wide range of clients in remote areas, industrial plants and critical sites. Over the years, Narena built up substantial resources in the form of a strong management team, technical skills and expertise, logistics, infrastructure and central production units, all strategically located to cope with the time frames, volumes, quality and geographic challenges.


Facilities Management

With the development of its catering services, Narena also provides food items and kitchen facilities, machineries and equipment to its clients.


Food Processing and Retailing

Food Processing and Retailing With an extensive experience of over 10 years, and being the pioneer food retailer in Saudi Arabia, Narena Supermarket set high international standards and succeeded to provide a comprehensive range of high end products, brands, and unique specialties to daily shoppers in the Kingdom.


Hospitals Food Services

Narena also provide its services to hospitals with a systematic process, with the aim of providing customers with their preferences and choices of food.


Hotel Setup. Food & Beverages Department

Beside our catering services in Yemen and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we also provide the best food and hotel solutions to our customers. In this field, we have several years of experience and a well-staffed procurement department to buy the best items from the marketplace and deliver it to your mentioned place in time.


Business Solutions

• Industrial laundry designing, supplying and installation
• Camps designing and construction
• Food and dry rations supply
• Camp management
• Laundry services
• Hospital catering
• Hotel setup.
• Food and beverages department


Narena Supermarkets

Narena Supermarkets are the best destinations for food ingredients lovers, backed up with several years of experience in food retailing. Narena Supermarkets are driven by uncompromising freshness and quality, gracious hospitality and a growing list of five-star gourmet items and services. Narena Supermarkets are grateful and conscious that the services provided are made possible by passionate employees who make it their business to delight each and every guest with an excellent experience. Narena Supermarkets invest in ongoing resources and efforts to bring to their clients the best choice, specialties, and quality from around the World. Gracious smiles and genuine hospitality greet any visitor at the doors. Shopping at Narena Supermarkets is an unmatchable and satisfying experience.


Narena Restaurants

Narena company has its restaurants with high standard facilities and tastes according to our customers wish. The company strives to reach the peak in the marketplace and deliver to its customers. In these restaurants, we prepare food at universal standards of health and hygiene principles. We have cooks and waiters from various countries to cater for the diverse cultures.

About Us

Narena Group is one of the pioneering companies in the field of plant in Eastern Province which starts to sell flowers and enlarge the green landscape at the most important lands in Eastern Province which consider the cities of civilization, economy, and fast development. Although the fast development of the province, Narena could meet, control the plants markets, however passed in its participation with the people of the province in their occasions.


High Energy

Narena Group is one of the pioneering companies in the field of plant in Eastern Province which starts to sell flowers and enlarge the green landscape at the most important lands in Eastern Province which consider the cities of civilization, economy, and fast development. Although the fast development of the province, Narena could meet, control the plants markets, however passed in its participation with the people of the province in their occasions.


Quality of Services and Powers

Narena Group has succeeded in meeting the requirements of the clients and providing high quality level of quality and complying with the ethics and professional standards throughout dealing with all clients.


Narena Branches

Narena has become a repeated name by the inhabitants of the region and consider it as a part of the world features till reaching the other regions and Narena has rushed to inaugurate other branches in these regions to meet the desire of its clients. Narena conclude many branches distributed in Eastern Province – Al Khobar, and Riyadh as follows: Bembino Al Khobar has been inaugurated in 2004, located in Al Khobar. Bembino Riyadh has been inaugurated in 2011, located in Riyadh. Bembino for green landscape and general contracting has been inaugurated in 2006, located in Al Khobar.

Narena Flowers

We import the best flowers in cooperation with big countries that produce natural and artificial flowers and interior plants such as Holland, France, South Africa, Latin America.


Flowers of Narena Bride

Bridge Package has creative ideas gives amazing look for the bride in her wedding party, it will be out from the traditional style to make stylish model for the bride during her steps in the hall.




Wedding Hall Creations

Narena shall create new designing for wedding dais and it considers the pioneering company in this field at this region. Whereas it is the only body which create addition of candles, lighting, clothes, covering all the sides of halls with curtains according to the desire of bride in order to make this night distinct.


 Narena Designing and its Designers

Narena has qualified designers with high qualifications, wide great experience, skilled in arrangement of flowers; their fingertips are creative in designing the package, creation of its organization according to the requirements of client taste. Narena designers have succeeded to satisfy their clients by presenting new creations that distinguish their occasions. Designer of Narena uses the international fashion in all works starting from colors coordination, going along with the international fashion every year and ending upon the desire of the time and courage in the taste of the creation.



Narena Landscape

Narena for Green Spaces and general constructions provides complete agricultural services after studying the site, prepares the designs of general and special gardens, and supervises and implements as well as plants the internal and external plants and green spaces.



Narena not provides green spaces but also provides the maintenance services concerning special and general establishments; banks; all houses, villas and palaces and prepares the playgrounds.


Coordination & Irrigation

Narena provides all requirements concerning coordination of gardens and tools of irrigation according to specifications required by customer. Not figure of water pipe or water spray device for a garden with the background of green space.



Contracts of Green Spaces and Constructions

Narena for Green Spaces and general constructions has a department of maintenance contracts for the plants, gardens and services related to this field.


Team specialized in making the spaces

Narena has team of engineers, technical consultants and component workers specialized in making the green spaces in the public and special areas with high quality.


Engineering Constructions & Projects

Narena for green spaces and general constructions works in the field of engineering constructions and projects through direct contracting, subcontracting or public tender. Narena undertakes many functions such as plumbing, electrical, sewage works; aluminum and woods works; drilling and demolition works and transportation, finishing, decorations, floors and connections.


Agricultural Services

Narena provides the complete agricultural services for Implementation and maintenance of the green spaces such as: – Studying and designing the public and special gardens. – Executing and supervising the public and special gardens. – Maintaining the green spaces and the internal and external plants. – Supplying and planting the green spaces the internal and external plants. – Providing the requirements concerning coordination of gardens and the tools of irrigation.


Caring Narena

Narenal provides the caring and protection services as follows: – Cutting of the green spaces and trimming and diversification of the plants and trees. – Controlling of the diseases and insets by pesticide environmental and human friendly.


Designers of Bambino

These designs to be prepared by experienced staff in sweets fields, enveloping the gifts, coordinating the flowers.


Bambino for Delivery

Bambino has delivery service to all customers throughout Saudi Arabia and the world.