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Camp Catering

YCI offers a variety of high quality camp services.

Our clients can relax in the knowledge that we are taking care of their needs, so that they can concentrate on getting on with their work.


Whether it’s self-supporting remote tented or trailer camps, or constructed village complexes, YCI applies the high standards of excellence in keeping the campsite running smoothly and efficiently through the provision of housekeeping, cleaning, grounds keeping, laundry, maintenance, recreation and security services.


We also understand the importance of close communication with our clients, to ensure maximum satisfaction and co-operation.


Airline Catering

Our projects in Airline Catering in the present time are:


Turkish Airlines has recently signed with YCI as a beginning to a long lasting relationship to serve Turkish Airlines passengers.


Jordan Aviation has a close working relationship with YCI helping serve passenger culinary needs. A perfect airline with a perfect service provider.


Felix Airways and YCI also have a long trust worthy relationship serving travelers high quality airline meals.


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Special Events Catering

YCI offers a variety of high quality catering services.


Mission: To provide reliable long term service in catering services and improve the quality of life of all our customers.


Vision: YCI catering to be the long term strategic partner to all our clients and provide solutions that are tailor made to satisfy our clients needs and requirements.


Our Promise: We use only the freshest and finest ingredients to provide our clients with a five star dinning experience. Our experienced staff not only caters but creates a world class dinning experience for our clients.


Our catering services extend into:


Camp Catering – Airline Catering  – Hospital Catering –  Special Events  –  Social Events  –  Corporate Events